31 May 2009

European Parliament Elections

The UK MP's expenses saga rumbles on - I think we're into the 900th day of revelations (or so it feels) - and this Thursday, 4th June we get the chance to vote in the European Parliament elections and have our say. But I wonder how many people will actually exercise their one opportunity to send a message. Frankly the turnout at European elections is lamentable. According to the EU Parliament the best turnout was in 2004 at 38% and the chances are that many young people will simply not bother to go to the immense trouble of dropping into the polling station and putting an X in the box. But that is not universally true and the picture below illustrates the point.

This fully model released image of a young, first time voter outside a polling station proudly holding her voting card has been sold a number of times and used on the cover of the AQA Government and Politics AS level textbook and is available for licensing through Alamy (click on photo or here to license).

Dog's Dinner is Rather Tasty

So, the government's Car Scrappage Scheme is being hailed a success despite Ford and Honda initially describing it as a "dog's dinner". Hopefully there will be fewer of these languishing in back yards in future...

...well at least until March 2010 when the scheme ends (sooner if the money runs out). One would have thought that a scheme like this would stand on its own merits as a benefit to the environment and not just be wheeled out to boost an ailing industry. Click on the image to license at Alamy.com

26 May 2009

Race For Life NEC Birmingham 2009

Every year thousands of women of all ages and abilities do something amazing for charity. They run, jog or walk a 5km course to raise money for Cancer Research UK, the world leading charity dedicated to cancer research. Learn more at http://www.raceforlife.org/about-us.aspx. To date more than four million women have raised over £240 million for Cancer Research UK's life saving work. This year the inaugural event took place at the NEC in Birmingham on 24th May on a glorious sunny day. As you can see it was a fantastic fun and colourful day. Well done to all who gave so much to help a fantastic cause. The smiles say it all.

Pink Ladies Warming Up: Click to license from Alamy.com

Age is no barrier!: Click to license from Alamy.com

Warming Up: Click to license from Alamy.com

Start: Click to license from Alamy.com

Tweety & Bugs:

Pink Ladies Do It Better:

Sprint to the Finish Line:

Telly Tubbies:

Click to license from Alamy.com

Medal Wearers: Click to license from Alamy.com

Race for Life Stock Photos by Alan Spencer at Alamy.com
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